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Thank you for your interest in the fresh52 Farmers Market. We invite farmers, crafter's, artists, and food artisans who produce high quality products to apply.

We are committed to creating a diverse market place with the highest quality of locally produced products available. The following are the expectations we have of our vendors and the principles we employ to select vendors for admittance.

  • Vendors are only to bring the highest quality products to market.
  • Vendors grow or make what they sell.
  • Vendors are to provide the highest quality of customer service with knowledgeable staff interested in creating relationships between the producer and the consumer.
  • Vendors are to maintain the highest standards of food safety practices.
  • Vendors are knowledgeable about and in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

** Vendor pricing starts at $35 and up. Please fill out the application for more info.

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