Cucumber and Citrus Refresher


Yield: 1 gallon

  • Cucumber, hot house, 1/4-inch slices – 1 each
  • Lemons, 1/4-inch slices – 2 each
  • Orange, 1/4-inch slices – 1 each
  • Limes, 1/4-inch slices – 3 each
  • Mint or lemon verbena leaves – 20 each


  1. In a clear glass gallon container half filled with ice cubes, add cucumber and citrus slices and muddle lightly (slices should be whole, not broken or mashed).
  2. Bruise herb leaves lightly and add to container. Top with still mineral water. Stir and allow water to chill and flavors to mingle about 20 minutes. Serve cold.

Source: Chef/Instructor Bill Briwa Culinary Institute of America at Greystone – St. Helena, Calif., USA