Spicy Camel Trading Company

Spicy Camel allows you to travel the world through our organic/non-GMO spice blends and handmade food products.

By purchasing many spices in whole form along with some fresh, local herbs, then toasting, grinding and blending them in-house, Spicy Camel is able to provide richer, more impactful spice blends similar to what is found in professional kitchens. The absence of salt and sugar means the blends will meet any dietary restrictions and allow the home chef to season according to their own tastes or needs.

Along with the spice blends, Spicy Camel introduced a specialty pancake recipe that had been used for over 50 years in the family restaurant business with locations across the country. In response to customer requests, a formula was developed based on Spicy Camel’s own blend of gluten free flour and has grown to include several seasonal varieties, including pumpkin, gingerbread with candy cane bits and red velvet. The popularity of the gluten free flour also led to a seasonal line of biscotti using farmer’s market produce.

Spicy Camel also makes other specialty food products such as vegan, soy free, sugar free hot cocoa mixes, candied jalapeno jerky, several types of pickles and preserves using market produce.

We do not use ANY preservatives or artificial flavorings in our products.